The parts and games listed here are being sold by our long term frequent customers and are NOT located at SS Billiards. All machines and parts belong to customers of our arcade -- we will have them contact you for purchase arrangements. Please note that these are NOT being sold by commercial parts or game suppliers, but rather by fellow pinball and arcade enthusiasts who have obligations in their lives other than their love of the games. As such, if you need something in a hurry, please contact one of the many commerical part suppliers whose mission is to provide parts and service to game owners and collectors.
Machines are available for pickup near Hopkins Minnesota. Local delivery or delivery to the Chicagoland Coin-op show, Pinball Expo or the Allentown PA pinball show MAY be able to be arranged for an additional fee. Shipping is also available via a number of freight companies.
Click on the item you are interested in for pictures (if highlighted). For more information or to purchase any of the items listed, send email to
This page last updated 5/20/2023 - Please check back often to see what new treasures end up listed here!
Pinball Machines - working when stored:
. Baby Pac-Man (Bally '82)$1100 
. Baby Pac-Man (Bally '82)$700
. Big Guns (Williams '87) $2800 Very nice
. Black Knight (Williams '80)$900nice
. Black Knight (Williams '80)$1200nicer
. Crossword (Williams) $1200 some backglass peel, otherwise very nice. New repro screened backglass available at additional cost.
. Dirty Harry (Williams '95) $4200
. Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally '81)$1600
. Eight Ball Deluxe - hinged bg (Bally '85)$1600
. Eight Ball Champ (Bally '85)$600sides repainted, field nice, works - on hold pending payment
. Foxy Lady (Gameplan '78) (cocktail pin)$500excellent condition
. Hyperball (Williams)$1400Very nice condition
. Junk yard (Williams '96) $4900 very nice. usual curved plastic cracks. $5100 with replacement curved plastic.
. Meteor (Stern '79)$900very nice
. Millionaire (Williams '87)$500pf has wear, cab dings, works
. Playboy (Bally '78)$1200fully restored. new playfield overlay. Overlay needs some work.
. Rawhide (Stern '77)$600very nice
. Ro Go (Bally '74)$600
. Scared Stiff (Bally '96)$$$True Prototype - proto cabinet / cab art, keyline playfield art (no color), red boards, etc. We are told only two exist.
. Slugfest (Williams '90)$3200Red board prototype - many differences from standard
. Touchdown (Williams)$400EM. usual backglass peel
Pinball Machines - not tested or repairs needed:
. Aloha (Gottlieb '61)$300was told it works, bg has peel and cracks, untested
. Black Knight (Williams '80)$500backglass peeling, not working, board issues
. Skylab (Williams)$400found in warehouse, untested
. Skylab (Williams)$200also untested, not as nice as the other
. Swinger (Williams '73)$500seems compl., was told it works, nice bg, untested
Pinball Parts:
. Al's Garage Band World Tour header / topper$75
. Al's Garage Band World Tour guitar assembly$75
. NOS Apollo 13 topper plastic (sega) $30
. NOS South Park topper plastic (sega/stern) $40
. Stargame "Slalom code 0,3" plastics & parts$50
Coin Doors:
. NOS Bally/WMS coin door - P2K/WPC/WPC95 with lock $110$100 each in multiples of four. Single door ships for $15 anywhere in the US (partially disassembled for shipping)
. Used Bally/WMS coin door - 3 slot for standard mechs$45Uses standard mechs (not incl)
. Used Bally/WMS coin door - 3 slot for standard mechs$55Includes three standard quarter mechs
Used playfields:
. Apollo 13 used playfield$200
. Addams Family used playfield$1000Nice - game scrapped for reasons other than playfield.
. Dr Who used playfield$800Nice - game scrapped for reasons other than playfield.
. Eight Ball Deluxe used playfield$400
. High Speed 2 - the Getaway used playfield$750Nice - game scrapped for reasons other than playfield.
. Jurassic Park used playfield$500
. Black Knight used populated playfield set$600
. Gorgar used populated playfield$500
. Playboy used populated playfield (Bally)$500Would be a good donor playfield to swap parts onto a CPR playfield
NOS and new repro playfields. May be perfect or may have handling marks, imperfections, etc - please inspect hi-res photos closely...
. NOS playfield for Al's Garage Band World Tour$400
. NOS playfield for Big Guns$750
. CPR repro playfield for Captain Fantastic$On hold
. NOS playfield for Harley Davidson (bally)$1000
. NOS playfield for Harley Davidson (stern)$400undrilled prototype artwork sample
. NOS playfield for Harley Davidson (stern)$400undrilled prototype artwork sample
. NOS playfield for Hurricane (diamondplate)$800
. NOS playfield for Independence Day 4$450
. NOS playfield for Judge Dredd$700
. CPR repro playfield for Bally Playboy $SOLD Another may come available depending on direction a restoration project takes.
. NOS playfield for Sharkey's shootout$350damaged - see close-up
. NOS playfield for Sharkey's shootout$400undrilled prototype artwork sample
. NOS playfield for Viper Night Drivin'$400
. NOS playfield for Viper Night Drivin'$400
. NOS playfield for PROTOTYPE Viper Night Drivin' $900for prototype version of game
NOS plastic sets:
. NOS Apollo 13 plastic set (sega) $200 contains plastics marked 3,4,6,7,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,20,21,22,24,26,27,28,29,31,33,34,36,38,39 plus one clear plus three I cannot read the number on. 29 pieces total. No promo plastics.
. NOS Apollo 13 plastic set w/topper plastic (sega) $220contains plastics marked 3,4,6,7,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19 (topper),20,21,22,24,26,27,28,29,31,33,34,36,38,39 plus one clear plus three I cannot read the number on. 30 pieces total. No promo plastics.
. NOS Godzilla plastic set (sega/stern) $99contains plastics marked 1-9, 11-12, 14, 16-17. 14 pieces total. No promo plastics.
. NOS HS2 Getaway plastic set (BLY/WMS) $???contains plastics marked 5-7, 11, 13-18, 21. 11 pieces total.
. NOS South Park plastic set w/topper,6 promos,extra set slings,stand plastics, extras (sega/stern) $260includes 33 plastics 1-15,17-21,22(topper sign),23-28(promos), stand plastics 30,31,second set slings,white plastic like topper,additional white plastic
. NOS South Park partial plastic set NO topper plastic (sega/stern) $115includes 9 plastics 1,2,4,7,10,11,14,15,17
. NOS South Park partial plastic set NO topper plastic (sega/stern) $100includes 7 plastics 1,2,4,10,11,14,17
. NOS South Park partial plastic set NO topper plastic (sega/stern) $85includes 5 plastics 4,10,11,14,17
. NOS South Park partial plastic set NO topper plastic (sega/stern) $35includes 4 plastics 10,11,14,17
. NOS Star Trek TNG plastic set$225 WMS original - NOT repro
. NOS Star Wars Trilogy plastic set (sega/stern)$175contains 17 pieces (full set, no promo plastics)
. NOS Theatre of Magic plastic set$165WMS original - NOT repro. Missing largest plastic in set.
. repro Twilight Zone plastic set$120includes 32 plastics (one is cracked - shown with arrows on second photo)
. NOS Viper Night Drivin' plastic set (sega/stern)$175 contains 19 pieces (full set, no promo plastics)
. NOS WCS 94 plastic set$225Includes extra parts not normally in factory set
NOS slingshot plastic sets:
. Austin Powers$25
. Baywatch$25
. Champion Pub$25
. Corvette$25
. Cactus Canyon$30
. Demolition Man$25
. Dr Who$35
. Flintstones$25
. Funhouse$25
. Goldeneye$25
. Guns N Roses$25
. High Speed 2 - Getaway$25
. Hook$25
. Indiana Jones$25
. Jackbot$25
. Johnny Mnemonic$25
. Jurassic Park (orange)$25
. Judge Dredd$25
. Junkyard$25
. Lethal Weapon 3$25
. Maverick$25
. Medieval Madness$25
. NBA Fastbreak$25
. No Fear$25
. No Good Gophers$25
. Party Zone$35
. Pinbot$35
. Popeye$25
. Rocky & Bullwinkle$25
. Shadow$25
. South Park$25
. Space Jam$25
. Star Trek TNG$40
. Star Wars Trilogy (stormtrooper artwork)$25
. The Addams Family$25
. Tales from the Crypt$25
. Theatre of Magic$25
. Tommy$25
. Tales of the Arabian Nights$25
. Twilight Zone$25
. Whitewater$25
. Whodunnit$25
NOS Slingshot Plastic singles - left:
. Demolition Man$12
. Funhouse$12
. Indiana Jones$12
. Judge Dredd$12
. Lethal Weapon 3$12
. Maverick$12
. Roadshow$12
. Star Wars (DEP)$12
. Tales from the Crypt$12
. Twilight Zone$12
NOS Slingshot Plastic singles - right:
. Attack From Mars$12
. Corvette$12
. Fish Tales$12
. Godzilla$12
. High Speed 2: Getaway$12
. Junkyard$12
. No Good Gophers$12
. Rocky & Bullwinkle$12
. Safecracker$12
. Tales of the Arabian Nights$12
USED Slingshot Plastic sets:
. Attack from Mars$20
. Cactus Canyon$20
. Fathom$30
. Johnny Mnemonic$20
. Last Action Hero$20
. No Good Gophers$20
. Simpsons$20
. Twilight Zone$20
USED Slingshot Plastic singles - left:
. Dirty Harry$12
. Disco Fever$12
. Funhouse$12
. Indianapolis 500$12
. Lethal Weapon 3$12
. Maverick$12
. No Good Gophers$12
. Theatre of Magic$12
USED Slingshot Plastic singles - right:
. Black Knight$12
. Creature from the Black Lagoon$12
. Cyclone$12
. Demolition Man$12
. Dr Who$12
. Eight Ball Deluxe$12
. Fish Tales$12
. Flash$12
. Hurricane$12
. Indiana Jones$12
. Medieval Madness$12
. Star Wars (DEP)$12
. Star Wars Trilogy$12
. Taxi$12
Game-specific playfield plastics:
. NOS Axl plastic for guns and roses$25old stock - NOT a repro!
Game-specific playfield parts:
. Dr Who a-23306 roller change kit - NOS$???
. NOS TFTC tombstone switch assy w/decal$25old stock - NOT a repro!
. NOS trunk for Theatre of Magic$35WMS original - NOT repro
. T2 hunter-killer ship NOS$???Bought from dealer at expo before repros were on the market
. T2 skull NOS$???Bought from dealer at expo before repros were on the market
. T2 hunter-killer ship wireform w/hardware - used$???
. T2 cyberdyne skynet command center ramp plastic assy - used$???
. Apollo 13 Manual$30780-5044-00 received as NOS, has some shelf wear
. Apollo 13 plastic under trough (subway) assembly - used$100545-5637-00-44
. Apollo 13 coil 090-5046-00 / 28-1050 NOS$12for upper trough trap door assy
. Apollo 13 motor bracket & cam assy from rocket ramp - used$75515-6414-00 another view
. Apollo 13 rocket - used$25two mid body tabs broken (common for this part) another view
. Apollo 13 rocket ramp assy trough w/other parts - used$60535-7499-00 with other parts from assy another view
. Apollo 13 slingshot assy - used$20 another view
. Apollo 13 8 ball lock trough only - used$30515-6424-02 another view
. Apollo 13 upper trough trap door assy - used$60500-6031-00-44 - no coil or plunger another view
. Apollo 13 moon assembly - used$120515-6408-00 - does NOT include chain
. Apollo 13 abort handle (ball launch) assy - NOS $275 500-6046-00-44 - some people refer to this as the "T" handle
. Apollo 13 moon - NOS$50both halves of moon - 2 pc total (1 ea)
Bally / Williams NOS translites - these are ORIGINALS:translites ship in a PVC tube for $25 within the US via insured mail
. Attack From Mars$200
. Bride Of Pinbot$160
. Congo$200
. Dirty Harry$200
. Dracula (BSD)$275
. F14$60
. Fire$90
. Fish Tales$175
. High Speed 2$275
. Indiana Jones$300
. Jack*Bot$160
. Judge Dredd$250
. Junkyard$275
. Medieval Madness$275
. Popeye$200
. Shadow$200
. Space Station$85
. Star Trek TNG$200
. Tales Of The Arabian Nights$225
. Terminator 2$225
. Theatre Of Magic$175
Capcom NOS translites - these are ORIGINALS:
. Flipper Football$100
. Airborne$100
. Pinball Magic$100
. BBB$200
DEP/Sega/Stern NOS translites - these are ORIGINALS:
. Apollo 13$45
. Frankenstein$35
. Goldeneye$35
. Guns & Roses$35
. Hook translite prototype film$???
. Maverick$35
. Star Trek$???
. Star Trek transporter film proto$???
. Star Wars proto (backwards)$???
. Tommy$???prototype version - received from ex Stern employee
. Viper Night Driving$???
NOS translites with slight imperfections:
. The Addams Family - light scratch visible from back$250
. Junkyard - small creases visible from back$200
. Medieval Madness - small creases visible from back$200
. Tales Of The Arabian Nights - small creases visible from back$200
USED translites:
. Indiana Jones$125
Cabinet art:
. CFTBL cabinet art set$350Phoenix version
. STTNG head decal$80had a very long time, probably original
. TAF front decal - colorado repro$65
. Donkey Kong (video) cabinet side art - repro$???
. Qbert (video) cabinet side art - repro$???
. Qbert (video) control panel overlay - repro$???
. Baby Pac control panel overlay - repro$???
. Julie Adams signed photo, matted (CFTBL related)$???
. JALECO Tetris header translite - cracked$???
. Capcom? Steel Plate design CPO$???
many posters - need to inventory:
Framed translites:
. NOS framed TAF translite$450Professionally framed
. NOS autographed framed AFM translite$450Professionally framed
Miscellaneous parts:
. NOS WPC-95 board set$1200cpu, power driver and av boards - all new/NOS!
. used Bally 6803 display$75Tested working ok - removed from parted machine
Standup video games:
. Cruisin World header$250This is the large header that mounts above the game
. Die Hard (Sega)$300
. Pac-Man cabaret (Midway)$700
. Rampage World Tour$600Very nice condition
. generic black midway sit-down cabinet$150basic cabinet, seat and base, coin door, pedals, steering wheel, monitor. Style similar to cruisin world
. cabaret size video cabinet ()$100would make a nice mame cabinet. has trackball.

. Skins Game (Midway)$300

. Solitare Challenge cabinet cabaret size (Dynamo)$100would make a nice mame cabinet -coin door replaced since photo taken

Countertop video games:
. two Megatouch bartop games$100/pairone works,one needs help. great parts source for other games.

Cocktail video games:
. Arkanoid cocktail (Taito 86)$
. Bump N Jump cocktail (Midway 82)$
. Ms Pac-Man cocktail (Midway 81)$1200for $400 more will include multigame upgrade
Wall Games:
. All Star Passing$100as received. not tested.
. large "RUSH" neon sign$100for the musical group RUSH. Custom from a custom neon shop
. large "OPEN" neon sign$100larger than your normal "OPEN" sign. Custom from a custom neon shop
. Blue diner booth $900 Blue Vitro (brand) vintage V diner booth zodiac finish two benches with table
Gumball / Candy / Vending (includes skill games with prizes):
. unknown gumball machine glass

$???Do you know what machine this is for? Please let us know!
. hunter

. Oak gumball machine - looks new

. large floor standing 25 cent gumball machine

. Stoner Candy Machine$$$complete restoration in process
Other items:
. Standard Metal Typer

$xxxA more recent version metal typer.
. Standard Metal Typer

$xxxAn older version metal typer.
. Vendo-81 Coke Machine $4200 good cond, amateur paint touchup by previous owner
. Westinghouse Coca-Cola cooler $1200 nice, works!
. Assorted slot machine stands

. Coca-cola soda bottle cases $20 ea price per case, we have several
. old key cutting machine $60 not used in ages...
. Wulritzer 1015 jukebox speaker metalwork$90